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Najaf , Iraq 54001

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Vision, Mission and Objectives


Our University inspires its vision, mission and objectives from the following values: Mercy, truth, excellence, innovation, ambition, responsibility, collaboration, transparency and equity.


We aspire to be an excellent and leading scientific and medical powerhouse both locally and globally.


Our University pursues to play a leading role to fulfill the needs and improve the status of society health by founding an educational and research environment capable of creating a medical staff that is committed to the University values and is ethically, scientifically and professionally competent.


1- Preparation and qualification of excellent physicians, dentists, pharmacists and nurses having distinct professionalism and ability to provide the society with the best medical services and health care and are committed to supreme humanitarian values inspired from the principles of Islam and the biography of our great prophet and divine Imams (peace and blessings be upon them)

2- Adoption of high quality educational curricula for both under and post graduate studies

3- Applying the best international accreditation standards to achieve the quality assurance

4- Championing the medical professional values

5- Active participation in setting the country health service strategies.

6- Improvement of students' clinical training standards.

7- Supporting our alumni by providing the best programs of education, training, assessment and development.

 8- Collaboration with global Universities and health organizations. 

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