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Speech by President of the University

Speech by President of the University

       At the beginning of the current academic year 2019-2020, we are very proud and proud to bleed the good news of the birth of the first session of the students, which is intended to be graduates of the hope of Iraq for a creative and creative future, and referred to Lebanon with the cadres of its staff keen in all its dimensions to make this university a sophisticated character And strong competition with all honor and transparency to the rest of the universities, whether national or international. It was clear that the university is making a qualitative leap at various levels, and rises with its branches and fruits, looking forward to the past, present and future, to be high among the institutions of the homeland, a tree based on a firm belief in faith and branches of the law of grace that bear good fruit all the time with the permission of her Lord.

     The University's prestigious goal is to make it a kiss for our dear students who want to dive in the fields of science and knowledge. The University is proud to have been born in the holy city of Najaf, which is full of talents and geniuses throughout the ages, as it has embraced the holy body of the faithful Ali bin Abi Talib (it) The University seeks to Rafel students with its capabilities and services and the modern processing mechanism, which has devoted our specialized medical university to provide to ensure its progress and scientific excellence with care to provide all the requirements of psychological comfort to keep pace in its curriculum and methods of education and training universities world Its high-end, and at the same time basis for the purpose and hoped to make it the rest of par to come through the university's future scientific career help of God.

     The infrastructure is still at the heart of the university's plans, represented by the President of the University Council and the members of the Council, and its successive departments.This year has been the direction of the construction of a number of mixed-use buildings, and we started this year 2019 with the commencement of construction work in buildings that will serve the infrastructure of both students and research Scientific, academic and administrative work.

      Over the past five years, the University has implemented its phased transformation strategy. Of the university's competitiveness. By achieving these goals, especially those related to human and sustainable development, the University will contribute to building a brighter future.

       The University also aims to promote capacity building, expertise and skills, disseminate information and knowledge, and develop science and technology through research and innovation. Our University aspires in its strategic plan to take a leading position in higher education, and strives to achieve global recognition for its departments and programs, through partnership. Academic programs in educational and twinning programs, with distinguished bodies, exchange of scientific and academic experiences, and the preparation of high quality academic programs for all its faculties.

 The University's educational, research and community service programs have earned a good reputation in the scientific community.

The new vision, mission and core values of the university have become a real motivation for all university members in the possibility of implementing the new university strategy as well as based on a comprehensive and accurate strategic analysis in order to achieve the strategic objectives to provide the best level of education for students and create a scientific and research environment in line with the developments in the higher education sector nationally and globally. .

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