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Presidency of the university has organized a scientific lecture about (the hard equation in cancer cell)

October 20, 2016

Jabir Ibn Hayyan Medical University has organized a scientific lecture about (the hard equation in cancer cell) presented by Prof.Dr.Nabeel Abid AL-hameed/the member of higher advisory organization of Egyptian scientists council.


   In this lecture, the professor shed a light upon the main findings in the field of treating the cancer cases, and the aspects of scientific researches in biochemistry labs at the faculty of pharmacy/university of Kefer AL-alsheik in Egypt. He pointed to recent tumor markers and its role in the early diagnosis of malignant tumors. Also, he explained the importance of searching and detecting the genetic causes of tumors ; since they form the basic ground in emerging this kind of diseases. 

  At the end of the lecture, he expressed his desire in establishing the basis and means  of mutual collaboration between our university and the university of Kefer AL-alsheik in Egypt in the different fields of  scientific specializations, praising on Jabir Ibn Hayyan medical university achievements and efforts in spite of the recency of its institution.


    A distinctive presence have been in the lecture, president of the university Prof.Dr.Ali Al-shammari , the vices-president, the teaching staff and the students have attended  it; in addition to a number of academic figures.


   President of the university has granted a certificate of appreciation to Prof.Dr.Nabeel Abid AL-hameed for his efforts and distinguished scientific contributions.  

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