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The Head of the shia Endowment and the general manager of religious shrines visited the Faculty of Medicine at Jiber Ibn Hayan Medical University

September 26, 2016

  In accordance with the invitation of  the university president Prof.Dr.Ali Mahmood AL-shammari, the head of the shia endowment Mr. Alaa Al-mousawi  and the general manager of religious shrines  Mr. Musa Al-Khalkhali visited the faculty of medicine. They  have been received by the university president and teaching staff.


During this visit , The university president talked about  the details and stages of instituting the university for the guests, also ,he shed a light upon the significant steps that led to the establishment of the university, as well as, he clarified  the difficulties and obstacles that have been encountered during the past period.

  Then ,the honorable guests has held a seminar; with the attendance of the university president ,teaching staff, faculty members and the students, in which his Highness Mr.Alaa AL-mousawi has talked about the science and the previous scholars who  made essential contributions in the medical field. He referred to Al-imam Ali ibn abi Talib(peace be upon him) saying "the value of every man is by his well deed", and stimulate the students to do their best and attempt strenuously in studying for achieving the progress in science.


   Before ending the seminar, Al-mousawi said that he is ready to support and fulfill the needs of the faculty as could as possible, and there will be other visits in the future. The university president has expressed his gratefulness and appreciation for their visit.   


   After the seminar, the guests with the university president  had a round in the faculty where they had a look on the studying halls and clinical  labs that have been recently rehabilitate.   

   The university president has clarified  for the guests the university projects in the future .They have praised on the work and on the president's effort and ambitious  that come in the sake of accomplishing  scientific  progression . 

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