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The college of medicine has organized a symposium under the emblem (intensifying efforts between scientific and healthy institutions with medical companies for serving community and patients) .

August 28, 2016


  The college of medicine at Jabir ibn Hayyan university ,by association with the fertility centre at AL-ameer private hospital and under the auspice of Acmest company for commercial agencies, has organized  a scientific seminar under the emblem ( intensifying efforts between scientific and healthy institutions with medical companies for serving community and patients) .

     The seminar, which was held at AL-ameer private hospital; has  been  initiated by a speech for the university  president delivered by assist.prof.Dr. Ahmed M.Issa, vice chancellor for administrative affairs ; in which he welcomed the foreign lecturers and the attendance, and asserted on the importance of arranging  such symposiums to serve the society   and amplifying the role of the university in managing them.

   Then, the expatriate professor Dr.Raheem Haloob , a lecturer  at Saint Martians  university in England ,has given a lecture  about(causes and therapy of repeated miscarriage);in which he shed a light upon the main ways of diagnosing it which are of two types: clinical diagnosis and  laboratory diagnosis.

    The second lecturer was Prof.Dr. Mohammed Fakheraldeen ,the head of quality and academic performance at the university, who has given a lecture about   (Preparation and activation of human sperm for using in the assisted techniques of reproduction) .  He  clarified the aim of using such techniques and their different kinds that are applied in the operations of   activating   spermatic fluid  inside uterus  and the operations  of IVF babies .

    Moreover, the lecturer has displayed a well-qualified Iraqi  technique  that is  utilized for this purpose ;which is considered the best in comparing with previous once, since it targets the spermatic fluid  which has much defect. Additionally , he identified the two types of assisted techniques of productivity which are: the classic and compulsory fertilization. Also, he has stated the means of achieving progress in proportion of successful pregnancy for the women who suffer from  infertility .


     At the end of the symposiums  a number of certificates have been presented to the lectures by the deanship of the college of medicine for appreciating the  professors who made special effort in this seminar.

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