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1st Conference: To Keep Pace to Progress

February 17, 2015 1st Conference: To Keep Pace to Progress

“1st Medical Conference for Medical Education was held entitled “Toward Medical Education that Meets Needs of Iraqi Community” by College of Medicine at University of Babylon” the Dean of the College, Dr. Moshtaq Abd Al-Athem said.  

He added the conference was attended by a number of specialties and researchers. The commerce aimed keeping pace with international medical progress, taking benefit of U.S and U.K universities’ experiences and reviewing medical teaching methods in order to have a sufficient graduates in the field of medicine to service community. 

During the conference, three lectures were delivered on different issues on medical ethics, modern method in medical education and quality in medical education. 

It is worthy to be mentioned that a medical book fair, drugs manufacturing for Asino Swiss and German Plumb Companies was inaugurated.

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