Professor Dr. Basim Zwain

Full name:   Basim MH Zwain.

Nationality:  Iraqi.

Birthplace and birthday:  Al-Hashimiya in 1964.

Address for correspondence:  Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University,  Kufa, Najaf, Iraq  P.O. 13.

E-mail: .

Title:  Professor.

Qualifications:  Ph.D. Medical Physiology (Al-Mustansiriya University 2005).

                           M.Sc. Medical Physiology (University of Kufa 1996).

                           B.D.S (University of Baghdad 1989).

Position:  Vice President for Scientific Affairs in Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University (2014 ...).

Previous positions:  -Dean of Faculty of Dentistry - University of Kufa (2006-2010)

                                    -Dean Assistant for Scientific Affairs - Faculty of Medicine - Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University (2013...)

                                    -Coordinator of Department of Physiology - Faculty of Medicine - University of Kufa (2005-2006)

Scientific activities:  -Twenty three published researches

                                     -Several conferences and symposia

                                     -Lecturer in several Iraqi medical faculties

                                     -Trained for 18 months (from 1/8/1989 to 10/1/1991) in Dept. of Prosthodontics College of Dentistry-University of


                                     -Trained for 18 months (two periods: from 10/1/1991 to 19/5/1991 and from 7/11/1991 to 10/10/1992) in Dept.

                                      of Anatomy and Histology – Faculty of Medicine-University of Kufa

                                     -Trained for 6 months (from 19/5/1991 to 7/11/1991) in Dept. of Laboratory investigations - Technical Institute of


Professional activities:  Private dental clinic

Research interests:  Respiratory, cardiovascular and neuro- physiology

Teaching interests:  -Medical physiology

                                    -Dental anatomy, physiology and dental materials

Other interests:  -Arabic arts, pencil drawing and internet communication activities


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