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Speech by President of the University

Speech by President of the University

At the beginning of the academic year, I am pleased to felicitate the teaching staff and dear students of Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University and wish them continued success. The family of the University works in cooperation and harmony and exerts its maximum efforts to look after and train our students in order to improve their performance in the areas of knowledge, behavior and skills.

What was achieved by the students in the first year motivated us to continue our efforts and to expand both horizontally and vertically to found new faculties backed by scientific solid staff, buildings and equipment which we are keen to make them level the medical students and which represent the real community urgent demands at the present time and near future in order to implement our University Vision, Mission and Objectives.

We pay tribute to every sincere effort that supported our leading scientific paces and we are grateful to all those who teamed up with and backed this young University to promote and continue to serve our beloved country and honorable people.

Professor Ali MS Al-Saiegh -  Consultant General Surgeon

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