A professor at the university published a book title" Effect of interleukins on implantation after intrauterine insemination"

the head of the physiology and medical physics department at the Faculty of Medicine  Prof.Dr.Mohammed  Fakherldeen  has published a book titled"  Effect of interleukins on implantation after intrauterine insemination", which has been published by AMAZON website ; that granted the writer the authorization  to translate the  publication  for  Chinese language.

The book contains a study about the Immune effect, especially the effect of interleukins on the implantation of embryos and pregnancy in infertile females.

The researchers   have  concluded that interleukins has an effective role on female gentile and response  to the medication of ovarian activation ,additionally, they figure  out that there is  a possibility to evaluate the results of pregnancy depending on the interleukins levels.

 It is worth to be mentioned that this book has been published in European union, and it is the third publication for for Prof.Dr.Mohammed  Fakherldeen .