The Dept. of Student Activities organizes workshop for 6th year students



Under of auspices of University president Prof.Dr.Ali Mahmood Al-Shammari, The Dept. of Student Activities at the University , and in coordination with the Association of Iraqi student, has organized a workshop for 6th year students/Faculty of Medicine titled " what after graduation" , with the attendance of vice-chancellor for administrative affairs Prof.Dr.Mohammed Baqir Fakherldeen .

Prof.Dr. Fakherldeen has given a speech in which he talked about the challenges that the graduates encounter after graduation , assuring the importance of their role in developing the country which will be accomplished by working on supporting them.

The workshop has involved lectures given by the director of the Association Mr.Ali Jawad about the role of the graduates , the strategic planning mechanism, and promoting their scientific and professional capacities, so as they could effectively contribute in making the aspiring progress in our country.

At the finalization , Prof.Dr. Fakherldeen has presented the University Shield to the director of the Association for his effective role , and in his turn, he has presented certificates to the University president and  his vices appreciating their role in making the workshop.