Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University organizes conference about Health Insurance



Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University has organized a conference about Health Insurance  on 21st March,2019 ,in coordination with Medical Association ,the pharmaceutical Swiss Company ACINO and the National Forum for Ideological and Cultural Researches.

It has been attended by University President Prof.Dr.Ali Mahmood Al-Shammari, the vice-chancellor for scientific affairs Prof.Dr.Safa Al-Obaidi , the vice-chancellor for administrative affairs Prof.Dr.Mohammed Baqir Fakherldeen , the parliament member Prof.Dr.Hassan Al-Aqooly, the representative of Health Ministry Dr.Fa'az Abed-AlShaheed ,the head of the National Forum for Ideological and Cultural Researches Prof.Dr.Abed-Almeer Zahid , the director of Al-Najaf Health Office Dr.Radhwan Al-Kindy, the head of Medical Association Dr.Ali Al-Awady , the representative of ACINO company the Pharmacist Zaid Fakherldeen.

In his speech , the University President has shed the light upon the crucial role of Health Insurance in the community, emphasizing the importance of achieving serious steps by the legislative authority to enact laws and legislations that organizes the work of this system.

The conference has included three sessions that discuss the concept of Health Insurance , its social and economic advantages, in addition to making a review about world countries experience in this issue .

The recommendations have deeply highlighted the following points:

1-    The significance of applying this system obligatorily.

2-    Working on establishing  an integrated health system by  enacting  laws and legislations.

3-    Administrating awareness-raising activities about the priority of this system for the individual and community.