Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University held cultural seminar about cultivating youth skills

Under the auspice of University president Prof.Dr.Ali Mahmood Al-Shammari, presidency of the University has held a seminar titled " cultivating youth skills :  leadership , attitude and revision  ".

President of the University has made a speech in which he shed the light upon the responsibility of the community to improve the youth 's capacities and contributing in building up leadership figures ,as well as , activating their role in making sustainable development processes, to  be the cornerstone in creating a society that characterized by values and ideals.

 The lectures have been given by Mr. Mohammed Bahr Al-Aloom and Dr.Zainab Al-Tufeily.

The seminar evolved discussing issues concerned with self-improving and making positive revision for creating a promising generation that could participate in developing the country in the various fields.