The governor of Najaf visits the presidency of Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University

The governor of Najaf Mr. Luay Alyasiry has visited the presidency of the University received by president of the University Prof. Dr.Ali Mahmood AlShammari , the vice –chancellor for scientific affairs Prof.Dr.Safa AlObaidi, the vice-chancellor for administrative affairs Prof.Dr. Mohammed Baqir Fakherldeen .

Mr.Alyasiri has attended a part of University council ninth meeting in which discussion has been made about the University essential needs; since it is a specializing medical University that has been established in a critical  period of Iraq economic crisis.   

At the finalization of the visit ; the governor has awarded  the "Honor Shield"  to president of the University , and in his turn; the University president has awarded the "University Shield" to the governor for his effective role in supporting the University.