Jabir Ibn Hayyan Medical University organizes a ceremony to celebrate the victory against ISIS

Under the auspice of President of the university Prof.Dr.Ali Alshammari  and in coincidence with the victory week that the ministry has launched ,the university has organized a ceremony celebrating the great victory that the military forces and public multitude forces have achieved in the operation of liberating our homeland from ISIS.

In his speech ,the university president states that this great victory which the history rarely  witness is a victory for humanity against savageness, and is a triumph for the supreme principles of Ahel Al-Bayat (peace be upon them),asserting that this victory has been achieved by the wise leadership of the religious authority in Najaf Alahraf.

The director of public multitude forces office in  Najaf  his highness Alsheik Kareem Alkhaqani has given a speech  in which he praised on the precious sacrifices  of military forces , referring to the effective role of the religious authority for achieving the triumph against the terrorist gangs , and appreciating the role of the university  in taking care to the injured  of public multitude forces.

The activities of the ceremony has included poems glorifying the courageous pictures for Iraqi fighters, gallery for the martyrdoms , awarding certificates of appreciation to the martyrdoms' families for their precious sacrifice and a supporting stand by the staff and students of the university.