The presidency of the university organizes a program for awareness and edification against the extremist terrorist ideology


The presidency of Jabir Ibn Hayyan Medical University has organized a program for awareness and edification against the extremist terrorist ideology with the attendance of academic figures, members of Iraqi parliament and members of  Najaf province council.

The program has included a seminar to the professor Hisham Alsiyab entitled(what if ISIS gains a victory) in which he shed the light upon the history of constituting  the terrorist organization, and the purpose of its plan which have been intensified since two decades under the patronage of extremist world association , which issued radical communities that disbelieve the societies with no fundamental human or religious bases    

Then, the students have participated in the program by saying poems that express the patriotism and loyalty to their country and glorify the scarifies of the Iraqi military forces in the war against ISIS.

The program has been finalized by a speech for the president of university Prof.Dr. Ali Alshammari in which he talked about the challenges and difficulties that the Islamic world faced to defeat this extreme thoughts  and praised on the victories that the Iraqi military  forces  and public multitude forces have achieved and the precious sacrifices that they made. 

After that , there has been a supporting stand in front of the deanship of the Faculty of Medicine in which the participants have hold Iraqi flag and posters to show their blessing for the victories that have been attained  and express their advocacy for the Iraqi military forces.