The presidency of jabir ibn hayyan Medical university held a meeting with the students' parents


In the light of our university activities and get communicated with the society, the president of the university Prof.Dr. Ali Alshammari and a number of professors has held a meeting with some  students' parents.

Through this meeting, there has been a discussion about certain issues in which the family should have an effective role ,where the president of the university has referred to the positive role that the family can make in edifying and stimulating the students to do their best in study, attend the lectures and be committed to the time schedule of exams.

At the end of the meeting the students' parents express their appreciation and gratitude to the president of the university for his care and attention in qualifying competent doctors.

The president of the university has confirmed that this meeting will be held in the future regularly for making the parents aware of their sons' behavioral  and scientific status.