The vice-chancellor for administrative affairs attends the conference of higher education

According to the invitation that received from the American organization (IREX) to our university in the period (26-28/9/2016), ,the vice-chancellor for administrative affairs  assist.Prof.Dr.Ahmed M.Issa attended the conference of higher education that is organized by (IREX) in Baghdad .It has been attended by official figures from U.S.A embassy ,representatives of ministry of higher education and scientific research and  Iraqi universities.


    The aim of the conference is to shed a light upon the projects in different fields and specializations that have been achieved in the ministry and the universities in Iraq ;in association with this organization and by its support.


   Moreover , the conference organizers have given an idea about the scientific accomplished projects that intended to buildup the scientific curriculum for developing the methods of communicating  information , and enforcing the tendency of making the students depend on themselves in learning and acquiring the information .The working in these issues will contribute in getting along with world progress in different fields. The conference was very successful and the results were very promising.