An academic and students delegation from Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University visits the University of sultan Qapoos in Muscat

In accordance with the invitation of Sultan Qapoos University in Muscat to Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University  , an academic and student  delegation from our University   has visited Sultan Qapoos University; for discussing the future vision of the two universities in making  a  co-operative agreement in different medical aspects  and exchanging scientific expertise .

The delegation consisted of: president of the University Prof.Dr. Ali Al-shammari , the vice-chancellor for scientific affairs Prof.Dr. Safa Alobadi ,the head of physiology department Prof. Dr.Mohammed  Fakherldeeen , the head of surgery department assist. Prof. Dr. Adel Almeialy , the head of internal medicine assist. Prof. Dr. Alaa Alshabli , Dr. Nada Alabrahemi,Dr. Rusul Emad and three students.

Through this visit the delegation has held meetings  with the University academic figures; the president of Qapoos University Prof.Dr.Ali Albemani, the dean of the Faculty of  Medicine Prof.Dr Omar bin Awad , the head of medical teaching department  Prof.Dr.Rashid Alabri and other heads of scientific divisions.

They have got a  tour at   the facilities of Faculty of Medicine in the University and the university hospital. As well as, has an idea about the departments of health sciences and the methods of teaching . 

Additionally, there has been a visit for the Iraqi  ambassador in Muscat Dr.Amal Musa for discussing the cultural relationship between the universities. In this meeting , the president of the university Prof.Dr. Ali Alshammari has given an idea about Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University  by a presentation show with the attendance of  Iraqi  doctors in Oman.

Furthermore, the delegation has visited the vice-chancellor for international affairs  her highness Dr. Muna bint Fahad  to discuss the aspects of cultural and scientific cooperation. It has been agreed on presenting a memorandum of understanding paper between the two universities for submitting it to the  ministry of higher education and scientific research.