The Faculty of Medicine organizes seminar about the management of biological risks and safety


Under the auspice of University president Prof.Dr.Ali Mahmood Al Shammari, the Faculty of Medicine has organized seminar about the management of biological risks and safety,attended by representatives of Najaf health office , Faculties of Medicine , and the Faculty teaching staff.

The seminar has included lectures for Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Ali ,Dr. Haider Jiham , and the lecturer Hussein Bahaa.

The issues of the seminar shed the light upon the biological risks in the scientific labs at the universities and health institutions, and the methods of prevention and treatment.

Moreover, a discussion has been made about the recent methods of organizing the labs work and research centers.

The recommendations of the seminar states certain points, crucially, insert the material of Biosafety within the curriculum of Faculty of Medicine, and starting a talk to the offices of municipality and environment to make incinerators and  sanitary landfills  faraway from neighborhoods, as well as establish recycling factories with up-dated standards . Moreover, starting a talk to the ministry of health to join the "CEN Workshop Agreement" that concerned with Biosafety .

At the finalization of the seminar, discussions have been made about subjects related to the seminar issues ;which contribute academically in highlighting main points .