President of the University receives the University delegation that visited Shiraz University of Medical Science

The president of the university Prof.Dr.Ali Mahmood Alshammari has received   the delegation that has been dispatched to Shiraz University of Medical Sciences consist of the teaching staff and the top ten students.

They have visited the presidency of the University and had a meeting with the  chancellor Prof.Dr. Mohammed Imaniah and  vice-chancellor for scientific affairs Prof.Dr. Fatahi.

The delegation has got an idea about the methods of teaching , the university labs , and researching centers. They have visited the departments Faculty of Medicine, a number of hospitals and medical institutions.

The delegation has made a visit to the research centre" Mohammed is the prophet of Allah'' and met the surgeon Ali Zahdah who explained for them the process of OSCE exam and presented them an idea about the syllabus of the Faculty of Medicine.

 The visit has included making seminars by the students and been in touch with doctors  inside operation rooms.

The students expressed their pleasure and appreciation for this initiative which comes in the pursuit of University president to achieve the best in the medical fields and be in touch with experiences of world Universities scientific progress.