President of the university and the director of scholarships and cultural relationships department visit Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

President of the university Prof.Dr. Ali Mahmood Alshammari  and the director of scholarship and cultural department at the university Prof.Dr.Muhammed Fakherldeen have visited Shiraz University of Medical Sciences for discussing issues related to the cooperation agreement  between the two universities.

Through this visit , a meeting has been held with the president of Shiraz University Prof. Dr. Muhammed Imanieh and the vice-president of cultural relationship and  international strategies Dr. NasarAllah Arafani, in addition to meetings with the deans of the faculties of Medicine, Clinical Pharmacy, and Medical rehabilitation.    

The points of  discussion have concentrated on the future mutual cooperation in the fields of post – graduate studies , scientific evaluation, participating in scientific discussions  , and making mutual scientific researches.

Furthermore , visits have been made to the centre of scientific research, cancer centre, infertility centre and obstetrics and pediatrics hospital.