The Faculty of Medicine organizes a symposium and extended workshop


The faculty of Medicine at Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University has organized a symposium and extended workshop about "the up-dates in Anatomy" ; with association with  Von Hagens plastination   , Marwa  international company and IEEE institution/Iraq branch.

The representative of  the  institution Dr.Ahmed Sultan has presented a video about the history of the institution which produces Palestine bodies , clarifying the procedures of granting  ,the methods of putting bodies  in the proper condition and how transferring them to the teaching institutions.

The German doctor Rurek has given a lecture by Skype ; discussing the technical aspects and the history of the institution ,giving an idea about the inventor of this technique (Von Hagens). Then, Dr. Valdimere has given a lecture shedding the light upon the manners of preparing the Palestine bodies and how to utilize them scientifically , Also, he explained the technique of glass slides for teaching  anatomy .The attendance have interacted with the presented information by making questions and discussions with the lecturers.

After that, there has been a tour in the Anatomy lab in which the president of the University Prof.Dr. Ali Mahmood Alshammari has given an idea to the honorable guests about the producers of supplying it and the ambitious of the university to a achieve progress and qualifying competent   doctors through making scientific labs. 

This symposium and workshop is considered as one of the unique scientific activity on the level of Iraqi universities.