Professor Dr. Alaa Abdlhussein Alshibly

Name : Alaa Abdlhussein alshibly.

Nationality : Iraq /Najaf .

Birthday : 1/7/1979.

Title : Lecturer.

E-mail: .

Qualifications : M.B.CH.B…..CABM-MEDICINE .

Position : Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University .

Previous positions : Al-Qadessya Medical University,

                                     Kufa Medical University.

Scientific activities : shared in many conferences and medical meetings .

Professional activities : Currently the Secretary of the Council of the University of Medical Jabir ibn Hayyan..and participation in the new USMLE adopted this year.

Research interests : Completion and publication of a number of research in various journals.

Teaching specifications : Now.. lecturer of foundation of medicine of stage 1 and stage 2 behavioral Sciences.

Other interests : Follow the latest modern medical information through websites and scientific research.