Professor Dr. Ali Al-Saiegh, President of Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University

1. Personal data

     Surname:-              Al-Saiegh .

      Full Name: -           Ali Mahmood Sahib Al-Shemmary.

     Date of birth: -       26/5/1963.

     Place of birth: -      Najaf – Iraq.

     Marital Status: -     Married.

     Nationality: -          Iraq.

     Address for correspondence:-  Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University,  Kufa, Najaf, Iraq  P.O. 13.

     E-mail: -  ; ; .


2. Present occupation:

     2009 till now Consultant general surgeon .

     2011 Professor in surgery .

     2013 till now Dean at College of Medicine / Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University .

     2014 till now President of Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University .

3. Academic Qualification obtained:

     M.B.Ch.B. 1987 ; D.S. (Diploma in Surgery), ; F.I.C.M.S. Fellowship of Iraqi Commission for Medical specialization   1994 .

     F.A.C.S.  Fellowship of American College of Surgeons     2010 .


4. Past Jobs & Professional qualification obtained:-

     * From Aug. 1987 to Dec. 1988 rotation in teaching hospitals in Al- Najaf governorate .

     * From Feb. 1989 to Dec. 1990 as a clinical practice in the rural areas & senior house officer (permanent) in general surgery.

     * From Dec. 1990 to Dec.1994 as a registrar and senior registrar in general surgery during   the study   for the F.I.C.M.S. - Medical city-Baghdad.

     * 1995-2000 lecturer in surgery/Department of surgery,  Kufa College of   Medicine, UniversityofKufa.  1994- till now Specialist surgeon in teaching hospital in Najaf.

    * 2003-2009 Head of department of Surgery, College of Medicine-Kufa University.


5. Professional& Scientific Committees:

     a) Member of Iraqi Medical Association.

     b) Member of Committee of Iraqi Surgeons.

     c) Member of the Pan Arab Association of Surgeons.

     d) Member of Iraqi Committee of diabetes.

     e) Member of Iraqi center for Gastroenterology & liver diseases.

     f) Member of Middle Euphrates Unit for Cancer Researches.

     g) Member of Scientific Committee- College of Medicine.

     h) Member of the Committee of College of Medicine.

     i) Member of many Scientific Committees for discussion of the studies & researches of the higher education students.

6. Publications: - All are edited or submitted to edition:

   1- Surgery for inguinal hernia in infancy and childhood Kufa Med. Journal 2007. Vol.10 No.1  .

   2- bowel stomas in Najaf ,indications and complicatios Kufa Med. Journal 2007. Vol.10 No.1 .

   3- evaluation of serum sialic acid as tumor marker in breast cancer in Najaf kufa Med. J. 2001.Vo.4 No.1 .

   4- the role of fine needle aspiration cytology in the diagnosis of thyroid swellings Kufa Med. J. 2006. Vol.9 No.2 .

   5- Risk of amputation in diabetic foot ulcer Kufa Med J. 2001 Vol.5 No.2.

   6- revision of acute abdomen cases in surgical wards in Saddam teaching hospital in Najaf Kufa med J. 2001 Vol.5.No.2. 

   7- laser hemrrhoidectomy Kufa Med J.2002 Vol.No.2 .

   8- acute abdomen in elderly patients Med. J. of Babylon-2006 Vol. 3 No.3-4 .

   9- post –surgical loco regional recurrence of breast carcinoma in Iraq J. faculty of Med. Baghdad Vol . 49, No.2, 2007 .

  10- Salivary glands tumors in al – Najaf J. faculty of Med. Baghdad Vol 47.No.4.2005 .

  11- Evaluation of modified Alvarado ore in the diagnosis of acute pendicitis in Saddam teaching hospital in Najaf Al –kufa journal 2000 NO.1 Vol.4 .

  12- Pepipheral lymphadenopathy in Najaf clinico - pathological study of 261 cases Al –kufa journal 2000 NO.1 Vol.4 .

  13- Incisional local anesthesia for pain control after abdominal surgery Med. J. of Babylon 2008 Vol.5 No.4 .

  14- Tension free inguinal hernia repair comparing mesh with darn a prospective randomized clinical trial Iraqi Postgraduate Medical Journal vol. 8, No. 3, 2009  .

  15- Incidence of cancer in goiters in Iraq. 1993 .

  16- A comparison study between transvesical and retro pubic approach for prostatectomy.1996  .

  17- External tube drainage versus omentopexy in the management of residual hepatic hydatid cyst cavity Kufa Med J. Vol. 14, No. 1, 2011 .

  18- Parasitic Causes of Acute Appendicitis in Najaf .

  19- Laparoscopic abdominal surgery for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in teaching hospital-Najaf Kufa med J. 2003 Vol.7 .No.1.


8. Teaching activities:

Teaching hospital – Najaf : weekly sessions for undergraduate students in general surgery.

                                             : Weekly sessions for postgraduate students for diploma degree and fellowship of Iraqi board in general surgery.

                                             : Weekly talks on different surgical problems as part of surgical meeting.

                                          : Twice weekly operative surgery teaching & training for postgraduate students for diploma degree and fellowship of Iraqi board in general surgery.