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  • Our Vision
    We aspire to be an excellent and leading scientific and medical powerhouse both locally and globally
  • Our Mission
    Our University pursues to play a leading role to fulfill the needs and improve the status of society health
  • Our Mission
    Founding an educational and research environment capable of creating a professional medical staff
  • Our Objectives
    Preparing and qualifying excellent physicians, dentists, pharmacists and nurses having distinct professionalism
  • Our Objectives
    Qualifying staff has the ability to provide the society with the best medical services and health care
  • Our Objectives
    Adopting high quality educational curricula for both under and post graduate studies
  • Our Objectives
    Applying the best international accreditation standards to achieve the quality assurance
  • Our Objectives
    Enhancing the medical professional values
  • Our Objectives
    Actively participating in setting the country’s health service strategies
  • Our Objectives
    Improving students' clinical training standards
  • Our Objectives
    Supporting our alumni by providing the best programs of education, training, assessment and development
  • Our Objectives
    Collaborating with international Universities and health organizations
Jabir ibn Hayyan medical university has organized a workshop under the heading (quality criteria in the academic and teaching institutions of the ministry of higher education and scientific research)
The Head of the shia Endowment and the general manager of religious shrines visited the Faculty of Medicine at Jiber Ibn Hayan Medical University
Dr.Alaa AL-wadees, the lecturer at the department of surgery, has published a research in an American Journal entitled "Using Thick Loose Seton Reduces the Incontinence and Enhances Healing Rate of High Type Fistula in Ano, a Retrospective Study&quo
The university president has met a delegation from (Innovators Company for practicing and organizing seminars and workshops)
The faculty of medicine has held a scientific seminar about(utilizing the information technology and medical techniques for advancing the faculty members and improving health care for the community)
Jabir ibn Hayyan medical university has organized a ceremony for the second anniversary of its establishment
The college of medicine has organized a symposium under the emblem (intensifying efforts between scientific and healthy institutions with medical companies for serving community and patients) .


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